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>Vision for technology in K-12 Education

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Michelle DeSilva is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University's College of Education where she received a Bachelor Degree in Secondary Education. She is a certified professional educator in both Florida and Missouri and currently resides in Tequesta, FL.


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  1. Thank you for accepting my LinkedIn invitation. You are way ahead of me in terms of technology as I am no longer teaching in the schools.

    My website is the beginning of a course in the history of art and architecture. I wonder if you might look at it and use it. I am revising it at the moment so you will see some pages in black and others in white. Please forgive!

    If you check out Meet Katherine you will be able to see me and some of my art.

    Your input would very helpful.


  2. IMA says:

    Investment Management Advisor

    Your great blog is definitely worth a read if anyone comes across it. Im lucky I did because now I’ve got a whole new view of this. I didn’t realize that this issue was so important and so universal. You definitely put it in perspective for me, thanks!

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